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If you are anything like us, then you would never do anything but play bingo if you could get away with it. That is the idea behind the bingo site Bingo All Day, who want to make it possible for their players to enjoy games all day long – and all night too – without any hassle or issues. In order to make it more possible for you to enjoy as much bingo as you would like to, they have put together the chance for you to redeem a huge number of different bonuses – so pay attention, as these bingo sites could really brighten up your bingo day and give you some big reasons to smile.

The first offer that we will talk about is the no deposit bonus, which is available to players who have just signed up for the first time at Bingo All Day and who are looking to try out the games for their first bingo experience on the internet. While most bingo sites would simply throw some cash at you and see what you are able to do with it, this one has a different approach: they give you the chance to play free bingo in a Free Bingo All room, which is open to any players who have not yet made a deposit from 7am until 7pm every single day of the week. On the other hand you can also enjoy a first deposit bonus when you do decide that it is time to put down some real cash, as they are of course keen to encourage you to take that step and become a fully fledged member of the site! If you put down between £10 and £100 you will receive a one hundred per cent match bonus, so make sure that you claim this as soon as you have made that first deposit and are ready to move forwards! Something that you do have to watch out for are the limitations here, as the operators are apparently quite concerned about people who are making professional use of the free games that they offer, and so they may shut your account down if you are found to be suspicious in that sense. Being a professional in their eyes means playing for more than three hours a day on average across a week, or staying in the free room for more than one hundred and twenty games in a week – which you have to admit is a large amount.

There is a minimum deposit value of £5, though you should be aware that you will actually need to put down a minimum of £10 if you want to claim any of the bonuses that are available at Bingo All Day as this clause pops up with them fairly often. When you have put down at least £30 on the site and wagered on at least one game, you will then be able to withdraw £20 – so do not think that you can play in the free room and walk away rich, because this will all count just as bonus cash until you make that deposit and convert it into normal playing funds. There is more good news, however: you can quite often manage to withdraw funds from your account before you have quite completed the withdrawal requirements here, and you can also get some reload bonuses to keep you going if you start to run low on cash in your account. After the first deposit, all of your following deposits will keep to a certain scale which increases the amount you can earn in relation to the amount which you have deposited: if you have put down £10 then you will be able to enjoy a twenty five per cent bonus, but if you put down £20 or more then you will get a fifty per cent bonus. It is therefore recommended that you always make sure to put down at least £20 when you are making a deposit, as it makes more sense to do things this way and then perhaps make deposits a bit less often, thanks to the fact that you will earn more free credits in the long run.

Of course, if we are going to give you a balanced view of the way that the Bingo All Day site works, it is necessary to give you an alternative options that you can see how they are different and how they are the same. Sun Bingo is one of the biggest bingo sites in the UK and is certainly very popular in itself, so this could be a very good option if you are thinking about comparing the different kinds of bingo that you could go for and seeing which might be the most beneficial to you as a player. There are plenty of reasons why you might wish to go for a site such as Sun Bingo: it has a huge player base which means that there are always going to be games right the way around the clock, there are huge prizes available to be won by anyone who manages to line up the right numbers, they have special games and promotions which will enable you to get more out of the experience, there are active chat rooms full of members who are willing to chat, there are chat games which take place to give you the chance to win more, and as a whole the experience really is one that has a lot of people rating it very highly and talking about it with their friends. There are plenty of promotions as well of course, which you can easily compare and contrast with those at Bingo All Day.

You will of course need to do a tiny bit of research of your own before you can rely on being able to collect any of these offers, by going down to the Bingo All Day site and reading what is written there about the promotions that they currently have to see if these are still in action. As with any bonus or promotional offer connected to online bingo, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions in full, not just to make sure of what the offer is but also to confirm that you know how to claim the free cash in the first place. This will give you peace of mind as well as the knowledge that you are getting the most possible out of this kind of offer, which does not come around too often and may well be one of the best opportunities that you are going to be able to get! A great way to stay in touch with the offers at the site is to make sure that you are signed up to the mailing list, as well as to connect with or follow them on social networking sites and to make sure to read their latest updates.

We certainly recommend that you spend some time looking around the Bingo All Day site in general before you decide if you would like to sign up with them and take advantage of these offers, as you will want to make sure that you are going to enjoy the games there and be able to get the most out of the whole experience before you start. This is the right way to get started and it will certainly give you the right results in the long run, so go for it if it suits you well!

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